Vintage Promotional Card for JUDGE - Copyright 1900 | Artist: Grant Hamilton

The Dead Steered by the Foolish

I ran across this the other day going through some boxes in our storage shed. One of my English professors gave it to us in the early '70's. It is in the same condition now as it was then. At that time, we thought it was an interesting example of vintage advertising artwork and it served as a cool conversation piece for awhile before getting stored away. 

Now, it seems to have a new level of meaning. In this illustration it appears that Lady Liberty has died and she is being steered out to sea for burial. The book resting on her chest is titled Jeffersonian Democracy. The oarsman is The Fool.

The illustration is dated 1900. The artist is Grant Hamilton. 

A political cartoonist, Grant Hamilton lived in Youngstown, Ohio. He was art editor of the following publications: "Judge," "New York Graphic," and "Leslie's Weekly." 

"Judge" was a leading humor magazine of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

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